Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Digital Photography Is Becoming More And More Popular Thanks To The Power Of The New Digital Cameras

You have probably noticed -- digital photography is becoming more and more popular. It seems that everyone has a digital camera. Digital cameras are even built into some cell phones. Digital cameras, like all the other digital items we see around us, is into the main stream of our society. Like digital movies, digital music and a host of other things, digital photography is here to stay. There are many reasons for the popularity of digital photography.
First, digital pictures are extremely versatile; they can be uploaded to websites for others to view, they can be sent in emails, they can be put into virtual scrapbooks or tangible scrapbooks by printing them out on high resolution printers that are very affordable.
Digital photography can produce pictures that can be viewed on your TV set or your computer monitor.
You can make calendars, personalized cards, coffee mugs, t-shirts and much more with digital pictures.
Most people like the fact that with digital photography you can skip the photo processing and all the expense that goes along with the old technology. You can even convert old photographic negatives into digital photographs! So, you can use your old film camera to produce digital photographs -- but the best way is to get into digital photography by purchasing a digital camera.
Digital cameras are loaded with great features also. You will be able to preview pictures as soon as you take them; you can discard a picture you don't like and retake it! You can crop digital pictures, or enhance them. There are a host of options available to anyone who desires to get creative with their digital photography. Some digital cameras will even act as a video recorder that offers video and sound.
Did I mention that you can take 100's of pictures with many digital photography storage devices? And these storage devices are reusable!
Digital cameras are cheap these days. Of course it depends on what you buy, You can spend as little as $10 on a digital camera or up to $1,000 or more for digital photography like the pros do it. With the popularity of digital photography, comes the lowering of the price tags!
I fail to see why anyone would want to stick with the old film technology when digital photography has so many more advantages. Go ahead, take the plunge. Get into digital photography and have a great time with it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Buying A Disposable Digital Camera

1. There are no annoying wires or cords.
2. No memory card involved.
3. Free picture CD is usually included with your prints on a disposable digital camera package.
4. The delete button always allows you to erase unwanted pictures on your disposable digital camera.
5. Most disposable digital cameras have 25 exposures.
6. Currently, 12 MB of internal memory is the standard on disposable digital cameras.
7. Runs in AA alkaline batteries that are always included in the disposable digital camera.
8. Contains an automatic flash.
9. A self-timer is included on most disposable digital cameras.
10. On average the cost for a disposable digital camera is between $11.00-$19.99.
11. The average cost for prints on a disposable digital camera is $11.00. This includes 25-4 x 6 prints and a picture CD.
The Downside
1. You cannot connect your disposable digital camera to your PC or MAC.
2. The photos must be developed at a retailer that provide the proper equipment for your particular brand of disposable digital camera.
3. Some disposable digital cameras have color preview screens and some don’t.
4. Disposable digital cameras are only available in limited numbers and limited locations as of now.
5. You are only able to delete the most recent photo that was taken-therefore if you take a couple pictures, you cannot go back and erase the first or second one.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I just made a thousand dollarsb from digital photographs

I have just made a thousand dollars from my internet business. The first day I saw the computer I fell in love with the computer and I decided that I was going to work with the computers and since I have tried so many things with the computer from hard ware to software and I have found the internet marketing good for me. I have sold and done some jobs online and I have been paid but not up to a thousand dollars. I sold two digital photographs online and I got a thousand dollars.
All I am saying is that you can also make more than a thousand dollars from the internet by selling digital photography all you need are digital camera, internet connection soft ware that will enable you upload your photography online and little knowledge on how to edit photographs online.
There are so many ways you can sell your photographs online you can sell direct to individuals online who need your digital photographs through your websites or you can sell by uploading your photographs to big websites online that will help you sell your digital photographs or pay you some commission when any of your photographs is downloaded.
The good thing about this business is that you can do it from your home. The business is good for stay at home mum, student’s retired individuals and those that need extra income to pay their bills.
To make the real money in this business you have to search for good sense and also learn how to take good photographs.
I must also warn that you need to know what is legal to shoot. Here is some good website you can sell your digital photographs.,,,,,, and
Before you start to upload your digital photographs for money please name them appropriately with the proper keyword. Good luck and I wish thousands of dollars online

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Become a Freelance Photographer

Anyone can become a freelance photographer. But you will need to have a good digital camera, the skills to take very good photographs, and a strong determination to work hard in order to build up a successful freelance photography business.
If you decide to work as a freelance digital photographer you will get to be your own boss and will spend your time taking and selling digital photos - both online and offline. Sometimes you might work on assignment for large organizations or even for popular magazines. You might even get some all expenses paid trips. Freelance photography is certainly never a boring career choice.
If you don't already have good photography skills then you can still acquire the knowledge and skills required to be a good photographer.
You will probably need to read some good photography books, or study further at web sites that cover professional photography techniques. And you should consider taking a photography class in your local area. Many community colleges offer digital photography courses at very reasonable rates.
Don't forget that nothing is better for improving your photography than actually getting out there, taking some photos, experimenting with different camera and composition techniques, and gaining valuable experience shooting behind the camera lens.
These days, thanks to the World Wide Web, there are so many freelance digital photography opportunities that are predominantly digital and online. You can take your pictures with a digital camera and then upload your photos directly to the Internet where you can sell them!

love with digital photograpy

It’s more than photo prints-websites that are clicking today. Cameras aside, relationships are clicking as never before. With options like digital photo prints, digital photos and or even a single digital photo, instant photo prints range from online photo prints and digital photography to digital photo printing and digital prints. Across the spectrum of business and personal users, photo prints are making virtual emotional sharing real.
An ideal way to express emotions, online photo prints express “face to face” feelings at a touch of a mousepad -- a quaint digital photo,” miss you” digital prints, digital photos of your vacation, digital photo printing of your grandchildren or even an album of digital photo prints of your corporate roadshow. No wonder photo prints are so popular!
It helps that digital photography is so easy. Good photo prints sites offer reliability, quality digital prints, ease, and more. Whether you’re ordering digital photo prints for countrywide delivery, or creating an album of online photo prints, you’ll find website navigation and digital photo editing tools powerful, but easy and fun. Geared for every user, digital photo printing is a cinch.
The flexible choices in digital photography make digital photo printing even easier. A wide range of photo prints size options and finishing options give a personal touch to digital photo prints, deliver digital photos to friends and family, or simply cherish digital prints in an album at home.
With Photo prints, relating to someone is fast, simple and uniquely personal. At sites digital photography is as simple as clicking a digital photo, simpler even than the editing tools that get your online photo prints just right. It’s where everything clicks together quickly for you and your photo prints. Clicks, just like the relationships in your life.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

How To Photograph Christmas Lights

We live in a neighbourhood where people love to decorate their houses with all sorts of lights, reindeer's, Santa's sleigh, angels and religious themes. Its such a fun and special times of year for those of you who are just big kids.
And photographically its a fantastic time as well, because those lights look absolutely beautiful; in a photo. This photo would have been taken using a tripod and a very slow shutter speed. When I take photos of Christmas lights I use a tripod (necessary for indoors) and use a shutter between 1/60 and 5 seconds depending on how much light you have coming from the tree itself. I recommend using a slow shutter of no more that this. By using a slow shutter you'll be slowing the camera down so the lights are sharp and not blurry.
You can use an aperture of around f.8 or f.4/ F.4 is probably better considering you'll always be shooting at night. These are just my recommendations, I urge you to try it yourself.
You can use a higher ISO if you find you are having trouble with getting more light onto the sensor. Sometimes I've used an ISO of 800 to increase the cameras light sensitivity. This can increase noise somewhat but you can use Noise Ninja to tone down any noise if you feel its too much. It will help clean up the noise in your image, leaving you with a sharper image.
For Christmas lights outdoors you can use the same types of settings. Remember also that dusk will be considered as darkness by your camera, so don't be surprised if you end up shooting as you would at night time.
Happy shooting,
Amy Renfrey

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A How To Guide to Online Photo Printing

Do you have a digital camera? Have you taken loads of digital photos? If so, sooner or later you will probably want to print your photos. Did you know that online photo printing is one of the best, most economical ways to print your photos? Its' really easy to do, and the results are outstanding. Here's how. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Take Good Pictures
The results of online photo printing will only be as good as the pictures you take. If your pictures are poorly framed, or blurry, they won't look good no matter how good your online photo printing service is. These days, simple point and shoot cameras can produce outstanding images with a minimum of fuss. All you have to do is understand a little bit of how the autofocus and auto exposure work-and when they won't work. Auto focus has a hard time with moving targets; it sends a beam of light to the object you want to photograph and adjusts the lens, then checks again; this can cause it to adjust focus again and thus be blurry or wrong. The key thing you need to know about auto focus is where the actual focus will be. Generally you will have to consult your camera's manual for that, but usually there's some sort of indicator in the viewfinder screen. Those two basic technical considerations will help you get your pictures technically correct, but the aesthetics are up to your talent and imagination.
2. Put Your Pictures Online, Perform Any Necessary Editing
The next step is to choose an online photo gallery. Make sure your choice of online photo galleries offers the features you need. The most important ones are unlimited storage for your photos, and, of course, online photo printing. Storage is important because photo files are very large, and they will quickly fill up even a quota that seems far more than adequate. These days many sites offer free unlimited online storage so there is no excuse for not having enough storage.
Many online photo galleries offer photo-editing tools in their online galleries, so you can get the best out of your image before online photo printing. Generally the tools will be4 quite simple-cropping, some simple color correction, etc. for most hobbyists, this will be quite adequate. If it is adequate for you, you will be able to use it for free on sites that offer this and you won't have to learn a complicated and expensive photo editing software suite like Adobe Photoshop in order to improve your images for online photo printing.
3. Order Your Prints
The next step is the easiest. Use the online form to order prints. Decide the size, and decide whether you want glossy or matte finish, make sure you can afford the price of the prints, give them your credit card number over their secure websites and click go. The prints will be near-photo quality on photo quality paper, considerably better and in the long run, cheaper than you could print at home using an unreliable inkjet printer.